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"My mission is to help God's people discover the riches of who they are, what they may become and what they can do through the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Jimmy Kinnaird

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Professional summary
Professional Summary

I was called to ministry soon after my salvation experience. I was licensed to the Gospel  Ministry at Riverside Baptist Church, Stephenville, TX and ordained to the Gospel Ministry by Williams Blvd. Baptist Church, Kenner, LA. I'm a graduate of Tarleton State University (BBA Accounting and Finance) and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div with Languages).


I have served in four churches for 21 years. My first as an associate pastor for 4 years, church planter and lead pastor in another for 8 years and lead pastor in two others for 9 years . I've served 14 years in state and national denominational positions as well. You can view my journey in the videos below.

Currently, I am the Associational Mission Strategist (AMS) for Fairburn Baptist Association in the Atlanta Metro (


I have an entrepreneurial spirit, liking to start new things. I am a lifelong learner and enjoy most of all helping believers become who God intended them to be. I prefer to lead in a team setting, with the active involvement of empowered team members. I seek to establish a coaching environment, which is my best method of building leaders and disciples of Jesus Christ. 


I subscribe to the Baptist Faith and Message, 2000 of the Southern Baptist Convention. I have served as interim or transitional pastor in 12 churches. I have served as Fire Department Chaplain for community support and involvement. 

Personal Conversion Story
Calling to Vocational Ministry
Vocational Experience

Cover Letter

Tells a bit about why I'm looking and why I could be the right person you are looking for.


Responsible people who have worked closely with me for a long time say something nice about me. 


A downloadable document that has some of the same info as in the videos but also more details of my work history and references in print.

Ministry Life Narrative

A downloadable document that is an overview from my conversion to present day in a printed story form.

 Preaching & Teaching
Solace Church
(Now Church On The Move West)
Solace Church
(Now Church On The Move West)
Solace Church
(Now Church On The Move West)
Solace Church
(Now Church on the Move West)
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