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Rusty Gunn.jpg

Rusty Gunn

Lead Pastor

Church That Matters

Sand Springs, OK

It has been an honor for me to work under Jimmy Kinnaird’s leadership over the past three years in church planting. Before getting to work with him, I was familiar with some of his work in evangelism with the North American Mission Board, SBC and in developing CROSS Evangelism Training which I used effectively for several years in multiple churches in Oklahoma and Missouri.


I was excited when I got the opportunity to serve on his staff. Jimmy is one of the sharpest people I know. He is diligent as a lifelong learner and has a high level of understanding of concepts and leadership paradigms. His character and genuineness as a man and as a leader have been an inspiration to me.


Jimmy’s coaching of me while I was on his team has helped me in making significant decisions for my organization and for my own life as a leader. I am a better man and a better leader because of the time I spent working with Jimmy.


I cannot express how excited I am that He is Aligned Life to offer coaching, training and consultation. I am planning now of how I will use his resources with my team.


Ray Strauss, Church Planter  & Sr. Pastor

Edmond Community Church

Edmond, OK

“Jimmy's Enneagram workshop was fantastic!  Unless you take a group through this, you would have no idea how much leadership development time this will save you. It certainly did for us!  By helping our staff and lay leadership better understand our own strengths as well as each other’s ministry productivity and motivations, both have increased. We look forward to having him back!”


Dr. Anthony Jordan, 

Executive Director-Treasurer (Retired)

Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, OK 

Jimmy has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the work of the church. As a denominational leader in evangelism and church planting he has come alongside hundreds of pastors and church planters as a mentor and coach.  More importantly he has been a church planter and pastor.  Innovative, encouraging, and straight-forward in his approach Jimmy is a proven coach and mentor. 


John Dickey


Hillcrest Baptist Church

Stillwater, OK

In the fall of 2017 I found myself stuck and not being able to make the decisions I needed to make.  About seven years ago I had some staff issues and three years ago I needed to hire new staff.  I really was struggling with this issue, not wanting to hire the staff I needed.  It was a trust issue on my part. Jimmy Kinnaird was able to use his coaching skills to really help me move forward with the ministry at Hillcrest. 


Jimmy was able to help me process what I was going through and he help me to come the decisions I needed to make.  To be honest because of the past I had parlayed myself, but through the skill he had developed he helped me walk through and then make the decisions I needed to make. Today, I can say that I have two great staff members to work with.


Chris Forbes

Branding & Marketing Partner

Oklahoma Baptists

Oklahoma City, OK

Jimmy is a man of integrity and hard work who has a proven track record of ministry impact for the Kingdom of Heaven.


You will want him on your team. He has a strategic mind, he is an effective communicator and thoughtful leader.He's very generous with his time and looks out for the welfare of others. 

Jimmy is the ideal person to talk to when considering God's calling on your life. He walks closely with the Lord and he is a great sounding board for your thoughts and a faithful partner in your prayers. His approach to coaching is natural, he doesn't come with an agenda other than to help you find the path of your true calling.


Do yourself a favor, set up a time to talk to him.

Gerald Dahl.png

Gerald L. Dahl, PhD (Hon)


Strategic Team-Makers, Inc.

Golden Valley, MN

Jimmy and I have worked together in assessing candidates for planting new churches.  He demonstrates a keen ability to accurately read others and strategically relate to them in a skilled and insightful manner.  I have seen him positively impact others giving them a heightened self-understanding and confidence in the work they are doing.


Jimmy is also a man of God who exudes a deep love for his Lord and for those who he is led to serve. He has a passion to see others grow and develop in their careers and for ministers in their calling from God.


I strongly recommend him as a coach and mentor.


Kyle Megenity

Lead Pastor

NewPoint Church

Ponca City, OK

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside Jimmy in the area of Church Planting, Coaching, and Leader Multiplication for the last several years. He holds a wealth of information and experience that anyone seeking to better their personal leadership and organizational impact would benefit from.


He is a skilled coach, tremendously effective at discovering the key issues that hold a leader back while helping them take practical steps to move forward. I’ve greatly benefited from his coaching in my personal life and ministry, and cannot recommend him more highly.


Jimmy expresses a refreshing blend of expertise and humility like nobody I’ve ever met. You’ll not only have someone in your corner who’s knowledgeable, but with Jimmy, you’ll find a lifelong friend.


If you need someone to help you navigate a transition in life, take new ground, discover breakthrough, or help you better yourself, your organization, or ministry, you’ll want to get in contact with Jimmy.

Buddy Hunt.png

Buddy Hunt

Regional Ministry Partner

Oklahoma Baptists

Oklahoma City, OK

I have known Jimmy Kinnaird for over 25 years and part of that time I was serving on staff with him for Oklahoma Baptists.  Jimmy is a committed Christian who is sold out completely to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  He is extremely gifted as a preacher and teacher.  He helped train me through the coaching process and I was very impressed with his knowledge and leadership in this area.  


I recommend Jimmy and Aligned Life to you.

Scott Carlson.png

Dr. Scott Carlson

Senior Pastor

Refuge Owasso

Owasso, OK

If you are considering partnering with Jimmy in your organization or ministry, I could not recommend him more highly.  He stands on the Word of God, loves the gospel, loves sharing his faith, but his greatest strength is how he works with people, both those in church and outside alike. 


I have watched him very closely in the past couple of years as he has worked with multiple church planters and as he has mentored and guided both young and old alike through the difficult journey of church planting.  Not just anyone could work with the variety of personalities he has had to endure all while making them feel as if they were the most important person on the planet. With the entrepreneurial spirit that Jimmy has, I am confident he can do just about anything he sets his mind and heart on. 


Jimmy Kinnaird is a rare man of compassion, drive, and sensitivity.

Russell, Kerry 2014.jpg

Kerry P. Russell, CPA

Chief Financial Officer, Finance Group Leader

Oklahoma Baptists

Oklahoma City, OK

Jimmy displays holiness, character and excellence in all he does. Having served as a pastor, evangelism specialist, team leader, agency specialist, church planting expert, Jimmy has a wealth of knowledge to draw from each day. He is also a technician, writer, encourager, equipper, teacher and leader who is easy to learn from and follow.


To be a friend of Jimmy’s is to learn and improve in your vocation, calling and walk with the Lord. I’m so thankful to have such a unique and valuable friend who helps others verify and know where God is calling them to serve.

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