Part 4: Our Plan A is God's Plan B

Updated: May 25

Running Against the Wind: Building Stamina and Resilience in the Face of Resistance

How often do your plans work out the way you want? For me, there are usually several adjustments that I have to make. Some adjustments are in outcomes. Some are in timing. Some are in general expectations, and often the whole plan must be scrapped and I have to go with plan B.

Plan B is not our optimum plan. It’s the backup plan. But could it be that plan B becomes the better plan? Have you ever had a plan A blow up and then you scramble to get a plan B and later find plan B was actually better?

There are two problems with plan B. One is that it was not our plan A and the second is that to get to plan B you must have resilience. Now when I speak of plan B, it may actually be not your second plan but your third or fourth plan. It could be plan G! To keep trying, to keep planning and moving requires a significant source of resilience. It takes a special person to do this.

I’d like to introduce to you the Apostle of Plan B. Better known today as the Apostle Paul.

Paul enters the biblical story with his plan A in full swing. His plan is to stamp out Christianity. He’s doing this by stopping the followers of Christ from sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God. He threatens, he arrests, he puts into prison. He even participates, though passively, in the murder of Stephen in Acts 7:58. After this, Saul (he’s still known by this name) ramps up his mission to destroy the church and put the followers of Christ into prison. At first, he seems very successful until his plan A runs into God’s plan A.