Part 3: Running Against the Wind: Building Stamina and Resilience in the Face of Resistance

Updated: Apr 22

In Part 2 of this series of blogs I wrote of an important realization we need to acknowledge about events that challenge our resilience. The realization is that our emotions and behaviors are triggered not by events themselves but by how we interpret those events. This was the “realization” that I wanted you to not only accept as true but to take up as a challenge for yourself to evaluate your thinking about events you see as adversities. It will give a perspective to question your automatic conclusions.


In this blog, I am bringing up what I call the “foundation” of resilience. The foundation is this: You need to know the kind of person you are; not just the one you think you are. Self-knowledge is foundational to building stamina and resilience. This goes right back to the “realization” statement. Our thinking, feeling and acting patterns are what determines our interpretation of events and therefore, how they will impact us for good or for bad.