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Limited Number offering of a 

Special Enneagram Coaching Package

A discount of $60. All online and live individual coaching and instruction for only


Here is what you will receive:


1. Introductory Coaching Session Overviewing the Process: 50 minutes


2. The iEQ9 Enneagram Online Standard Questionnaire 

This Enneagram Questionnaire is an intelligent, adaptive online questionnaire that            accurately assesses and reflects the complex and often unconscious elements of Enneagram Type. Using 175 questionnaire items from an adaptive pool of 1,200 items, the iEQ9 is the only assessment of its kind. It is statistically 95% accurate. In the standard report you will receive:

  • Core Type

  • Sub Type

  • Centers of Expression

  • Center-Specific Styles

  • Wing Influence

  • Self-Awareness and Integration

  • Strain Profile

  • Lines of Stretch and Release


3. Coaching Results Session with Recommendations: 50 minutes


4. Coupon for 60% off  an Enneagram Application Coaching Session : A $125 value for $50

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