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Stewardship Test and Consultation

Get the most out of your time, talent and treasure.

  • 1 hour
  • $150
  • Zoom Meeting

Service Description

See more objectively which resource out of time, treasure or talent you use best (and which you use most poorly). Understand where your countless everyday decisions about time, treasure and talent are currently taking you (more towards a life of unstructured chaos, lifeless order, or towards life in all its fullness). Avoid episodes of stalling or crashing as you try to make decisions to best use your time, treasure and talentsee which of the three pillars of stewardship you most need to focus on in your daily decision-making. Beyond that, it will reveal which of the six stewardship growth forces found in nature—the most fruitful and enduring community ever seen—you most neglect when trying to release life in the people and world around you. In addition, your Personal Stewardship Profile will provide you with detailed insights into each of these areas based on your responses to help you see more precisely what you can celebrate and give thanks for, where you need to grow, and what you can do about it right away. Discounted options are available for groups.

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