Why Use a Coach?

Some have mistakenly looked at coaching as something for someone who is weak and needs to raise their performance up to an acceptable level. While a coach can be helpful in this way, it not the best reason to use a coach. Coaches are hired by high achievers so that they can rise to an even higher level than they are currently. This is one of the reasons why coaching works so well; it brings out your best. Coaches believe you can create your own best answers. so they are trained to support you in that process.

"Coaches believe you can create your own best answers."

The reasons people want coaching is endless and unique as the person themselves. Here are a few examples that motivate people to use a coach.

  • To make significant changes

  • To better deal with uncertainty

  • To make better decisions

  • To reach goals faster

  • To grow spiritually

  • To become financially stable

  • To have a collaborative partner

  • To improve relationships

  • To know more about yourself