What is Coaching?

Honestly, up until a few years ago, when I heard the word "coaching", the images that came to mind were those of my middle school football or baseball coaches. Now all of these were great men. They wanted us as a team to improve, to be better and especially to beat the other team! These coaches told us how much weight to bench, where to set up practice, when to be there, what we did and when we could go home. My coaching is not this.

That's right, this is not that. The coaching relationship I'm writing about will produce insights, greater personal awareness, new or modified behaviors, action steps, and ultimately results that satisfy you. Read along with me as I define coaching by comparison and contrast.

Coaching is...

Coaching is about you: your goals, your development path, and your growth as a leader. Together, you and I (the coach) will attempt to listen to God and to discern his voice among all the competing voices in your life.

Coaching is about learning: rather than teaching. You’re the expert on your life. A good coach uses coaching techniques such as active listening, open questions, encouragement, challenge, and catalyzing moments to help you move forward, while always remaining supportive.