Part 5: Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

Running Against the Wind: Building Stamina and Resilience in the Face of Resistance

We’ve all heard of IQ (Intelligence Quotient). You may have taken an IQ test to see how smart you are. But there are more quotient tests out there than you may realize. Some of them are important and maybe even more important than the IQ test. Some of these other quotients are lesser known and frankly, I’m not too certain of their validity. Here’s a brief rundown on a few I’ve discovered as a leadership coach and consultant:

  • BQ - or Body Quotient. This is the ability to decide proper nutrition, regular exercise, rest and generally the overall maintenance and improvement of the human physical constitution. This includes knowing and living within your own physical limitations.

  • MQ - Moral Quotient. This relates to the perception of the social and working life: Honesty, responsibility, tolerance, commitment, enthusiasm and effort. In short, it is the recognition and practice of “the good”, as in transcendentals of the good, the true and the beautiful.

  • CQ - Cultural Quotient. This is a recognition and a skill. It’s the ability to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse settings. But it is also the ability to recognize the cultural cues that are normative, acceptable and what is not acceptable in work or social environments and then successfully navigate them.

  • PQ - Political Quotient. This is a person’s ability to interpret and intent and behavior of others, navigate the diverse agendas of stakeholders all while making progress toward desired outcomes. It is strategic leadership on many levels: emotional, behavioral, instinctual, rational and motivational.