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Creating a Positive Change

There are times in people’s lives when they feel stuck. This may have been going on for a while, but something happened to bring this feeling to a realization. It could be a situation that is making them unhappy, however they are lacking the motivation or the extra push they need to help them create positive change in their life.

Sometimes people aren’t even sure what it is that they want. For example, I was talking to a new friend who said he needed a change but wasn’t sure what that change should be. So, I started going down the basic options; but until I found the right one, he basically would say, “I don’t know the change I need but I know it’s not that one.”

If a person is unclear as to what their goal is, like my friend, they can consider each major area of their life. Those areas may include family, friends, physical and emotional health, spiritual life, career, finances, physical location, hobbies, and their love relationships. They can begin by determining on a scale of one to ten (ten being best) how they feel about each of those areas of their life. After they determine which area has the lowest number, they can then think about what they can do to move that area up to a “ten”.

In my coaching practice, I often have a client use the Wheel of life.

You can download a PDF of my Wheel of Life here.

Completing an exercise such as this may raise their awareness of an unconscious life issue. This will allow a person to plan change that will be more satisfying because they know the area(s) of their life that need a positive change.

Having a coach to walk through the Wheel of Life can be a bonus. They will ask you questions about each area and help to navigate where to focus on your next steps. Sometimes the hardest thing about making a positive change is deciding where to start.

Once a person has determined what their goal (or dream) is, they can then begin to focus on it by determining what steps they need to take to get there.

One thing to consider is that even though one may not be happy with their current situation, it was that situation that launched their dream. So, it is important to appreciate where a person is in their life, which helps to create a positive mental attitude. This attitude can help to move them in the right direction more quickly. The Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 8:28, “We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.” One of the truths we can draw from this Scripture is that for those who are followers of Christ, God will use even the things we see as bad in our lives to help shape us to become who God intended us to be. I’m not stating that horrible events are good or that God makes them happen. What I am saying is that even in the worst situations, God is working to bring good out of it for you.

Besides seeking to reframe one’s mindset, it is a good idea for a person to surround themselves with other people who have similar goals. This support system can add more motivation and can provide even more ideas which will help them to reach their goal. Determination is very important, because the person who did not reach their goal is usually the one who gave up before they reached the “finish line”. (Consider that Thomas Edison tried 700 times before inventing the light bulb.)

Sometimes, a person simply needs to keep trying and not give up. For someone who could use some extra motivation, a personal life coach can help them to find out what they want and can help inspire them to get there. One thing is for sure, we need others. Who can you get involved to help you in your positive change? Who can you help in their journey?

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