Aligned Training

Aligned training is about the fitness of the soul. Aligned Training is designed for the individual or group experience. Aligned Training equips you with the knowledge and skills that propel you to achieve a life of both success and significance. This could include more understanding about what motivates you, your strengths and also your blind spots, or your grasp of truth and spiritual power so that you may have a more integrated and aligned life with God.

  • An overview of the Enneagram integrating all 9 types and more.

    Starting at $250
  • God is still speaking. Learn what it means to have ears to hear.

    Starting at $300
  • Sharing Your Faith Your Way

    Starting at $300
  • The Best Known Symbol in the World Can Be Your Most Effective Training

    Starting at $300
  • Understanding the Cosmic Battle of the Ages

    Starting at $300
  • Practical application of the prayer Jesus taught his disciples.

    Starting at $500
  • Relational Truths for You and the Important People in Your Life

    Starting at $300
  • Dealing Successfully With Life’s Tough Issues

    Starting at $300
  • Answering Significant Questions on Revival

    Starting at $300
  • A Practical Theology of Life Under the Power of the Holy Spirit

    Starting at $300
  • Understanding the Differences in Religious Belief and Why that Matters

    Starting at $300

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