Aligned Coaching

Aligned coaching is about you. It is about aligning your goals as they fit your values, abilities and skills. It is about your development path and your growth as a leader. In Aligned coaching, you set the agenda and the speed with which we move forward.


Aligned coaching is about moving forward. It is about taking all the things in your life, what you have experienced and what you are passionate about and putting them to work, bringing focus to energy for achieving your goals and beyond. Whether it is a personal dream or a professional tune-up, Aligned coaching will help you to  get all your resources aligned to reach your goal.


Check out the coaching packages and see if one will work for you, or we could create a custom plan.

  • An introduction to my coaching and consulting.

  • Get to the heart of the matter in one single coaching session.

    150 US dollars
  • Coaching designed for those in Christian Ministry.

    Starting at $75
  • Four Coaching Only Meetings over three months

    4 Sessions $500
  • Four Sessions working through any personal or professional transition.

    4 Sessions, $600
  • Discover which career path will lead to your greatest fulfillment.

    4 Sessions, $600+$49
  • The full workup of your enneagram profile by a certified practitioner.

    3 Sessions, $370
  • Two Full days/ One-on-One, 10 hours + 4 Coaching Sessions.

    2 Days, $2,500

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